Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24 Days Outlook let me know that there are only 24 more days until we will be moving. Am I ready? Heck no! I want to know where all these toys have come from. I could swear that they are reproducing at night. Why can't I seem to get rid of them? My kids do not destroy their toys, they rarely even lose parts. That should be a good thing, but no, it is not! When I do find a broken toy I rejoice because I can throw it away without feeling any guilt.
Here is Larissa's collection for today. She has also added some plastic cups (which she has been playing with for two days now) and some pipe cleaners that I left out for her to see and thus grab. She is quite busy and creative in her play and I am quite thankful for that.

Also, I'd like to know where all those blankets have come from. We have blankets of every cartoon character, blankets my mom made, mink blankets John bought in Korea, blankets of every color and style. Naturally they can't all stay nice and folded in the linen closet. (Well, they wouldn't all fit anyways).

No, they like to be out and free, all over the furniture and kids. You would think that it was cold in our house but that is far from the truth. It is typically too warm according to the teenager in the house (but not too warm that one of those blankets is hers).

So, I have 24 days to prepare and I seem to be getting nowhere. Actually, we have prospective buyers looking at the house this weekend so we are not even sure of where we are moving to. If these buyers don't bite then we are taking the house off the market on Monday. I think that the little unknown is adding to my delaying. Oh well, I am a procrastinator my nature so it will all get done in the last week regardless.

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