Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Poor Pitiful Yard

When we moved to Texas last June the San Antonio area was in a severe drought. For the first month we were here the temperatures were over 100 just about every day. Everything looked dead and brown. It was mighty sad looking. I didn't even take pictures, it was too depressing. Trees and established bushes dying off.

We rented a place with just about no yard, assuming that when our house sold in SC we would buy a place with a yard. Naturally the grass was all dead. Finally, over the winter the rains started to come and continue to come.........

Of course all the grass was dead but plenty of weeds came up. This drove my husband crazy. He has killed weeds with chemicals and spent many hours on his knees pulling them out of the cement, oh, I mean clay. We have planted some sod, planted seeds, put on some topsoil, fertilized just to get to this point.

It may not look like much, but it is a great improvement. I insisted on the sod by the front door because every time it rained the kids were tracking mud into the house.

Thanks to the rain his little seeds are growing.

After all my husband's effort, I hope that the next tenant waters it. In about another 37 days (uh, not that I am counting) we will get to start all over at our house that has been neglected for a year.

I just love how the trees grow here, all sideways and gnarly.

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