Friday, April 23, 2010

A Shopping We Will Go

When I got my oil changed I was told that my rear wheel assembly was leaking brake fluid and that I needed to have it fixed. So, I decided to drop it off at Sears so the kids and I could do a little shopping.

Since I have a teenager that meant a stop at Hot Topic. They actually give a military discount there. I remember the first time I went into a Hot Topic when my older kids were younger, strange stuff. But they do carry many band shirts and that was Sarah's objective.

Sarah did find a Reptar hoodie and was excited to get one.

She also got a band shirt for some band that I have never heard of. Actually, I don't recognize a lot of the bands on their shirts, guess that makes me old.

We hit up JCPenny's. They are having a great sale on children's clothing if anyone is interested. Larissa loves to shop and knows what she likes. I guess she should know, she changes her clothes at least 5 times a day.

A serious shopper doing some serious business. (Training her right Tasha)

Right after this picture my camera battery died. Anthony wanted pictures of him shopping but I couldn't get them. He surprised me when I asked him what he wanted he said shorts. When I let him loose he went for the plaid shorts. Funny, I have to buy him size 5/6 shorts and size 8 shirts, which are in two different sections.
After shopping we headed to the food court to eat. And in one of those "Not me" mommy moments, we did not take off Larissa's shirt in the food court so that she could put on her Princess shirt that she was adamant about wearing. Then I did not take a picture with my cell phone.

Since Anthony missed out on pictures at the mall I had to get pictures at home.

He was most thrilled with the Avatar shirt he picked out.

Oh, the is still at Sears. MAYBE it will be ready tomorrow. They did offer me a rental car but I just had John pick us up. When they called me to tell me what was wrong I immediately had them call John because they sure were talking foreign to me....all I understood was replace rear axles and about $1600. Dang, sure puts a damper on a shopping trip.


  1. I've been reading your blog for about a month, and I thought I would comment (maybe I have before?? I can't remember). Anyways. Your kids are so adorable and so unique! You truly are a blessing to them. :)

  2. Oh lord, soon you'll have to teach her how to clearance shop!

  3. Now Tasha, you know she will learn to look for those clearance signs before too long. Actually, they did have a good sale this weekend so I let her loose.

    eureka, thanks so much for your comment, I truly feel that my kids are a blessing to me.