Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beating in Memphis

Over the last several weeks Joselin has been having problems with a black girl who lives down the street. Apparently this girls boyfriend "made eyes" at Joselin. Joselin was told he had a girlfriend so she had no interest in him. After the incident the girl went to Joselin and threatened to beat her up over the boy. Joselin told her that she had no interest in her boyfriend and is not willing to fight over a boy.

This girl was not willing to let the issue drop. She continued to threaten Joselin. Two days ago Joselin and Kim's daughter DJ were walking home from school when this girl and about 5 of her friends stopped them. She wanted to fight Joselin but Joselin said that she wasn't going to fight over a boy and walked away. That didn't satisfy the girl so she started on DJ. When DJ walked away the girl hit her on the head. That led to a fight. Joselin had never actually been in a fight before. She grabbed one girl by the hair and apparently tore out her weave. That girl ran to her mom. Her mom came down with a car full of adults and kids and they all proceeded to attack the two girls. They had both of the girls on the ground and were kicking them. At some point neighbors stopped the attack. Imagine seeing the following picture of your kid in the news.......
They were taken to the hospital and both released that day. They have bruises and scratches but will be fine. Joselin surprised me in that she didn't seem too concerned about further problems. However, because of threats the family moved today and are no longer living in Memphis at all.

The entire incident shocks me. The fact that parents were willing to actively participate is such a beating just blows my mind. What are they teaching their children? How much of the attack was racially motivated? All the attackers were black. Why was that girl so angry about a perceived slight that she was willing to orchestrate such an attack? How do we protect our children when the world seems to be going crazy?


  1. Wow, I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine such a scene! My heart breaks for those girls. Praying!

    Hugs, Heaven

  2. I've started a comment 3 times and I just can't find the words to express how mad I am. I can't believe adults would act this way.

  3. I don't live in this area (I'm in TX, actually), but I do believe adults would do this sort of thing. There are so many parents that think that their kid IS right, no matter what, and will do whatever it takes to defend their baby. Yesterday in our news here, a Christian minister who uses wrestling/body building/martial arts as his "platform" to help reach children got in a fight with a 13 year old boy because the 13 year old was fighting with the wrestler's 10 year old son. As the head minister of the church said, once the wrestler minister stepped in and separated the boys, it should have stopped. But, it didn't. The 13 year old ended up with black eyes, not from the 10 year old but from his dad. And this was 2 white boys. And this was a minister, employed by a Christian Church.