Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got a Call

I guess you need to write about someone and they will call. Joselin left on January 31st and we really hadn't had a good conversation since. Today, however she called me and was in a mood to talk. We actually talked for more then a few minutes like all the other calls have been. She asked about all her siblings and wants pictures. She is excited about her school and talked about summer school. Next year she will be in a cosmology program and she is really excited to start that. She asked about me and her dad. She was really interested in hearing how things were going at home.

It was good to talk with her and I hope to keep communications open. I know that she has an attachment with me and she has told me that she wishes that her biomom was like me. Funny how feeling work out, she was mad at me for years because I could give something that her biomom couldn't. She said that her biomom never talked to her like I do with my kids. When we lived in SC we had a nice swing outside where I would sit with kids to talk. It took Joselin 4 years to finally decide to sit and talk with me in that swing. Did I mention she is hard headed?

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