Thursday, April 29, 2010

23 To Go

I hadn't planned on doing a daily count down until we move but that seems to be my life these days. Jason plans on moving out of his apartment tomorrow and moving in with us until the move. He is going to move back to South Carolina and live with Aunt Cindy. She has wanted him to come back and live with her for a while now so she is getting her wish. I guess living alone sucks. I am trying to not get too involved with Jason and his cleaning. I am going to take the carpet cleaner over there tomorrow and show HIM how to use it. I have my own carpets to clean over here. I did cancel his internet since I knew he wouldn't even think about it until a bill came in and he was no longer using the service.

I have spent most of my day looking for toys all over the house and trying to put them all in one room. I think that it will be easier to sort and decide what to get rid of that way. I just haven't had too much success today with Larissa following me around. Those toys found under the furniture are all like new toys for her.

Ohhh, the house is terrible. It looks like a hurricane has run through it. No, I am not willing to post pictures, it is too embarrasing for even me. I am not known as the neatest housekeeper. Clutter is my middle name, but it has gotten too bad for even me to bare. I find that I am missing my old house. Lots of bookshelves and storage areas.

John got his amended orders today. The last orders didn't take us all the way to the house. So we are set to go on that front. However, if the buyers that want to see our house this weekend actually do decide to put in an offer then we will have to change our plans. All our stuff would have to go to storage and we would have to find a place in Georgia. This would make John happy because right now the plan is for us to live in the house and for him to rent an apartment by his job. He will be working 110 miles away from home. At least he will be able to come home every weekend. When he was recalled back to active duty to DC he only got home every few months.

Last night at church they asked if they should pray that the house sells or not. That is hard, I said just pray that we end up where we need to be. I feel so conflicted about the whole thing. I am just ready to settle anywhere and get on with life, seems like we have been in limbo for a year. We want to get back into foster care and I want to go to school.

Well, it is about dinner time, I do believe that it is a pizza night. I also need to do Larissa's hair tonight, she is looking a little neglected on that front.

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