Friday, April 2, 2010

Proof that they do Chores

Laundry day, trying to catch up.

Putting shirts onto hangers.

Larissa loves to fold, she will fold everything.

Hmmmm, maybe a little too enthusiastic with the hanging.

Note: Sarah did work on the kitchen, in her pj's so she didn't want any pictures. Teenagers are hard to catch on the camera, little ones ham it up and don't care if they are dressed at all.


  1. Goodness, Felicia, how many children do you and husband have? Sarah was your fourth? and then three adoptees? The little ones are just truly adorable.

  2. We have 7 kids, his, mine and ours plus a son in law who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.

  3. love the underwear on the hanger and her little helper heart!