Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sorry, Kids are Noisy at Play

School is out and pool season has begun.

Sidewalk chalk and water...

Having a buddy to play with is so much fun.

My sweetie, biggest cheeks around.

 I love, love, love watching Tasha love on her baby.

Our rocker has developed a leak so the kids took the middle out and had quite a good time trying to stay on top of it.  Keeping it balanced was quite a challenge, they had to work together to do it. They are also very loud when they do this.  Screaming and laughing and yelling at each other.

Vaida is going places.

Little Man is going places too....and it makes me nervous. We have video of him coming down the slide, I didn't know that you could get some air on those kiddie slides.  Believe me, you can!  We have cushions on the bottom for landing.

And with the start of the pool season our neighbor issues are back.  I really don't understand why he doesn't go live on a retirement community where no kids are allowed.  He has started yelling at my kids again.  Last night it was at 7 pm.  I never let them out too early or too late.  Typically they are in by 8 pm. They are in early to avoid our neighbor.

This morning I went to our neighbor to the side of us.  I asked him if my noisy children bothers him. He said that he can hear them but he can tell that they are playing and it doesn't bother him.  He asked me who was yelling at the kids at 7 last night.  Uh, the neighbor behind us.  He yells at them loud enough to be heard two doors away.

I really don't know what to do about my neighbor.  We have a fence and a row of bushes in front of that.  I don't know of any other sound barrier that is affordable.  I am tired of telling my kids to come in or be quiet.  I acknowledge that they get loud in the pool but they are so involved in their play.

Honestly, if I had known that this would be such an issue I would have moved out to the country before putting in a pool.  We can't sell the house now, we wouldn't get the money back that we put into our yard. I have looked at but don't see anything affordable.  I would hate to move, our house fits all of us and we have modified it for my mom with ramps and bigger doors for shower access.  We would lose so much in realtor fees, it just wouldn't' be a good financial decision.  Still, when I am limiting my children's  play it crosses my mind.

Anyone have suggestions for sound barriers?

Anyone want to buy a big house with a grouchy neighbor?


  1. I'd look up your local noise ordinance and see what the hours are. Send a registered letter to your neighbor stating that your children play only within the allowed noise hours and within your own fenced yard. Let them know you have spoken to other neighbors who do not find the noise or of the ordinary. Notify them that if they continue to harass your children you will call the police and report that an adult has been harassing your minor children, and that if they have concerns they can come directly to you, or if they feel they have legal grounds they can try notifying authorities themselves but that you're confident that kids playing in their own yard during daytime hours are legally permitted to make as much noise as they want. It's not right for a grown-a** adult to scream at children for playing outside!

  2. I agree with the first comment. Send him copies of the local ordinances and let him know that if he continues to harass your children you will notify the authorities. You and your children have a right to be loud during the day and enjoy your space. Even if you could move, you shouldn't feel pushed to do so by the jerk next door. He should be the one to make adjustments, or move away.

  3. Wholeheartedly agree with both of the above comments. There is just no excuse for his behavior. You shouldn't have to live in the country for your kids to make noise while they are having fun.

  4. I wouldn't be harping on the kids to be quiet. THis is their home and their yard. They are allowed to live and laugh and be children. Can you get a couple of police officers to go with you to the neighbor's house when you give him the local ordinance?

  5. AGREED WITH ACCETANCE WITH JOY. And all the others. Kids have the right to laugh and play! jeez!!