Monday, June 22, 2015

Life as Usual

As usual, we have been crazy busy around here.   Little Man got a virus from somewhere and has shared it with everyone in the house.  Today I am not sure if he still had the effects of it or if he turned two early. Serious tantrumming! I have never had a child who could throw a tantrum like he can.  No is a very bad word, even if you try to disguise it in other words.  He really could use a helmet.  When he tantrums he bangs his head.  Today one of his tantrums occurred on the brick steps, he banged up his forehead before I could get to him and move him.  I sure hope that his escalation of tantrums is an after effect of the virus and not the beginning of something fierce!

We still have our Munchkin.  After the fourth rejection adoptions has decided to get an update and new picture.  They are coming out to the house on Thursday when Little Man's adoption worker is coming.  They are coming on Thursday so on Wednesday we will be shoving all our clutter into closets. No wonder I can't ever find anything!

All has been quiet with bios.  Our biggest excitement was this morning when the kids came to tell me that there was a car parked in front of our house.  Unless we are having all the kids over there are never cars parked in front of our house.  Crisis was diverted when I investigated and found out that it was one of the neighbors grandkids.  Funny how even the kids recognize that a car didn't belong there. I hope that things stay quiet in that area.

Slowly I am preparing for our trip.  I have a lot of laundry to do before I get into the packing. I am not sure how much clothing I want to pack.  I imagine that we will do laundry somewhere along the way.  Packing for all the kids for two weeks is just too much.  Of course, the laundry pile will be huge when we return!

I decided that it was time to buy myself some new shorts/capris.  I rarely buy clothing for myself.  I don't like to spend money on myself especially since one day I will decide to lose some weight and none of it will fit.  I had a few minutes so I ran into the store and picked up some shorts and a few shirts in all my regular sizes.  I didn't bother to try anything on.  Next week I get to go and exchange some shorts, I forgot that I had lost about 10 pounds.  Funny what a difference that makes in the waist.  No need to return the button down shirts, the gaping button problem still exists.

We also had the opportunity to babysit Vaida.  She is growing so fast and is such a sweetie.

She tries to keep up with Little Man and finally made it up the stairs. I think that he told her that all the fun toys were upstairs.

And of course as the temperatures here have gotten above the 100 mark we have been enjoying the pool.

Anyone having an exciting summer so far?  Ours if flying by.


  1. When we road trip--which is typically for a month or longer--I pack clothing for one week. Once a week, I visit the laundromat. One week of clothing for our crew takes up 3-4 washers/dryers. I can do it all at once and be done in a couple of hours. When we're in hotels and have to do this, I leave Matt at the pool with the kids and go by myself. It's a welcome sanity break. I put each outfit in a gallon ziploc bag with the child's name on it. A complete outfit with pants, shirt, undies, and socks (if needed). When I fold the laundry, I bag it. It makes getting ready for the day very easy, and helps keep the suitcases in order. It has been a life saver for us when we travel!

  2. Is it the red hair temper monster? lol our little guy has discovered the temper tantrum too.... Gotta love it