Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Kassi has been living with her boyfriend in a very old mobile home with mold issues. Kassi has asthma issues. Not a good combination. This combined witht he issues that this home belonged to his family and they were giving her issues related to the pregnancy meant that she had to move. This actually is a good thing, we had been encouraging them to find a better place for a while.

Kassi has been living out in the "boonies". Not very convenient to get to at all and she missed out on a lot of stuff going on at home. It also made it harder for her to get to work.

Kassi and Blake found an apartment in our town.  Blake later told me that Kassi wanted to be closer to home.  They needed the deposit with their application so we gave them money for that.  Their rent would be $500/month.  They were paying $150/week at the mobile home so they could afford that.

Last week Kassi called me and told me that they got the place but she was shocked that they wanted all of the rent before they moved in.  Well, yes that is typically how it goes.  When kids take off before they are ready they have huge gaps in knowledge that they really could use.  This makes for surprises.

Blake came to our house and I took him to the bank to get a money order for the first months rent.  I also got to go see their future apartment.  It is a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with all laminate flooring.  It has a lot of closets and a pantry that is bigger than mine.  It is in a good area with lots of opportunity to get a job closer to home.  It looked really nice.

Kassi's other mom brought Kassi to the lease signing. She had come to town a few weeks ago. I think that her objective is to be here for when Kassi has her baby.  I know that Kassi would like that.  I just don't know if that will happen.  Her mom hasn't been one for sticking around when Kassi needs her.  Actually, when Kassi came in to care, her mom stayed out of state and made no attempt to come and get her daughter.

I try to remain positive about her other mom but in the back of my mind is those texts that were shared with me.  Kassi running away from an abusive grandfather and her mom telling her to go home because he is pestering her.  No concern for the abuse.  No concern for Kassi.  Only concern for herself.

However, I love Kassi and her mom is important to her so I hope that she does right by Kassi now. Kassi will need a lot of support in the next year.  I don't mind sharing the support, I just don't care to watch my kid get hurt once again by her other mom.

I think that it is going to be a very exciting, stressful year for Kassi.  She liked her new apartment so much that she cried.  It was so much nicer than she expected.  It is a start.  Now if we can just get her back in school so she can get her GED.

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