Monday, June 1, 2015

Larissa Finished

 Larissa finished her coloring page and she is proud.  She is starting on another one.

Warning, these coloring pages are rather addictive.


  1. I went on amazon this morning and ordered three books, plus a new set of nice colored pencils that are only to be used with the coloring books. I am very excited!!!

  2. Fantastic job! It would look great on her bedroom wall, I also like to color in these detailed books. Right now, I'm working on one about fairies. My 8yo is coloring dragons. My 4yo is still using crayons and regular coloring books because my dining room table has suffered from his previous marker use :-(

    1. Ha, you don't want to see a close up of my table! I figure it is the cost of having kids and letting kids be kids.