Friday, June 19, 2015

Crazy Days

Seems like crazy days around here.

I got a text from a family member of Little Man telling us to not take any chances because when biomom "flips a script she is dangerous" and apparently she is very angry right now.  I got a call from his social worker today.  She told me that she isn't allowed to walk out of the building without an escort.  This mom, she is dangerous.  Public record, she set her moms house on fire trying to kill her mom years ago. She spent time in jail for it.  So she is capable of violence.  We are aware and have safety protocols in effect.

Actually it can make you somewhat paranoid.  I think that our van is rather recognizable in our community.  I am aware of that and watch for anyone following me.  Today I took Little Man to the doctors since he spent the whole morning on my lap with a fever either sleeping or whining.  This is highly unusual for him. He has a virus which I suspected but wanted to rule out any ear issues before the weekend.

When I came out I noticed that there was a van parked close to me with someone sitting in the back with the back door opened.  I didn't like that so I didn't put Little Man in his car seat and then walk around to the driver door.  Instead I got in the van and locked it behind me then buckled him in and went to the drivers seat from inside.  Yes, maybe a little overcautious but better safe than sorry.

Then I get home and receive a phone call from adoptions asking me if we could take an 18 month old today, now.  I tell them no because I still have this 7 month old baby who is free for adoptions and no one is stepping up for her.  This week the fourth family said no.  Crazy.  I have never received a call like that from adoptions.

I think that the horrible event in Charleston has me feeling upset and then add all the other things going on and I am on edge.  This world is just going crazy.  I don't feel that all my kids are safe and I can't do anything about it.

Tasha lives in an area that is very unsafe.  When she leaves my house at dark I really worry about her going into her house.  She has had people from the neighborhood come to her door for money. Hopefully they will be moving this summer when their lease is up.  They tried to get out of the lease when it became so apparent that they weren't safe but they couldn't.  The landlord did speak to the police and they did notice that they patrolled the area more.

Where Kassi was living it wasn't safe either.  Two men were killed just a few blocks from her house. She said that it wasn't safe to go out walking. Thankfully where she has moved to it is safer.

Than I have Jason.  Not long ago he was getting off of work and was approached by two men, one was about to pull out a gun when Jason roared off in his car.  The bank next door had a video tape of the incident and based on that two men were charged with attempted kidnapping and robbery.

Three kids living in three different towns, all of them with safety concerns. Sad thing is, I don't see things getting any better anytime soon.  If anything they appear to be getting worse.


  1. Can you apply for a PPO against her? This sounds very serious and I don't know what I would do! I think I would file for a PPO and then hope she violates it (without anyone getting hurt) and she goes to jail.
    I wouldn't hesitate to have a taser or pepper spray always. I work in a bad area and carry the jogger spray in my palm as I go in and out. It has an elastic band that goes around your hand, so you don't have to fumble for it. You should be able to live with peace of mind. She's taking that away from little man, and his caregivers, and that's so sad.

    What does your husband think??

    1. My husband moved the ladder from outside the house into the garage (finally, I had been nagging him), checked windows, dusted off his concealed weapons permit and asked for a prayer for our threat.

  2. A child from our kids' school was kidnapped from her front yard this week, just 1/4 mile from the school. She was kidnapped by the 21-year-old neighbor boy. They found them safe in South Carolina a couple of days later. It's so scary. Your situation with Little Man's mom is why our girls were placed out of state...because their bio family has a history of violence and has proven to be dangerous. It's also why I stalk them on Facebook, so I can know their whereabouts and goings-on. I hate what our world is coming to. It's so scary anymore.

  3. I can't believe no one has taken the baby yet. And here we've been on the list since 2004 but due to our county's policy of not updating a homestudy until the family is chosen, we have little chance. Who is going to choose us based on a 2008 homestudy. If you happen to get a 11-13 year old boy who needs a home....