Saturday, June 13, 2015

No Guarantees

You are looking at all the possessions of a 7 month old girl. Not a single blanket in there.

We are currently doing respite for a 7 month old baby.  Her foster family has gone on vacation for two weeks.  The child we call Munchkin is available for adoption and her foster family does not want to adopt her.

She was presented to her third possible placement on Thursday and if they say yes she will start visits.  If they say no like the other two families then they go on to the next.

She needs a family to grow.

I am bothered.  When you do a straight adoption homestudy you fill out a form letting them know what you are willing to accept in a placement. By the third family I am pretty sure that they are looking at the child factors list.

She needs a family to love her.

She is tiny, wearing size 1 diapers tiny.  She has a few delays.  But, she is very aware, smiles, wants held, sits up and is starting to crawl.  She presents to me as a baby who would thrive with a loving family.

She needs a family.

If by chance you are looking to adopt from foster care please be aware that adopting a newborn baby will not guarantee you anything.  Why is the child in care?  Many times it is because of mental illness or an addiction.  These can impact the child even before they are born.  If you are not willing to deal with these types of issues and the fall out from them then do not adopt from DSS.  If you are looking for a perfect, healthy baby then go private, although there are no guarantees there either. Even if you have a child of your own there are no guarantees.


  1. We foster to help children become reunited with their families, but want so badly to adopt, if the opportunity arises. I pray this little girl finds her forever home soon.

  2. If you were to take Spud from us right now... he literally would go with nothing... as we have been using the hand me downs from Mr D and haven't received anything for him or needed to buy him anything as we have everything here that he could need...heck he's even in the same diaper size and tube fed the same formula as Miss S