Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slow Going

Well, getting my house in order is slow going.  Yesterday I went to town and had a celebratory lunch with Sarah and Joselin.  Celebrating the end of college classes for Sarah and I.  Today I took John to the VA for a procedure at the pain clinic then lunch.

My yard is in seriously sad shape so I went to Lowe's and bought some plants.  So far it hasn't helped my yard.  I guess I need to get out there are work on it.  My pond is in really sad shape.  The plants started growing before I had a change to get out there and clean it up.  Sigh...

I think that the yard was overwhelming so I decided to tackle projects in the dining room.  I have a buffet I am working on, it needs lots of attention and has to be painted because of the many repairs required.

Then someone posted a little cabinet on a facebook garage sale site I am a member of.  They didn't live too far away and the price was right so I snatched it up.  All it needed was a good cleaning job......

My objective is the finish the dining room by May 25th.  Sarah is leaving after the dance recital to go spend a few days with Tasha and I am going to redo her bedroom while she is away.  Should be fun.
Just coasting here right now.  IEP meeting on Monday, psych appt on Monday, adoption on the 20th, hopefully two rooms competed and then Disneyworld the first part of June.
What is on your schedule?

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