Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today I called DSS, several workers, several times.

K says she needs breathing treatments.  Well, hard to do without any medications to do it with.  If I had a doctor name I could call them myself. 

I one.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have better luck.  I may just take a ride up there if I have to.  I may lose this placement because I am going to get forceful about her being placed with her sister.  Either they need to give us another exception or move her to a home where they can be placed together.  She cries for her sister.  She cries for her mom too.  I can't do anything about the mom but something can and should be done about her sister.

Our last placement was a split sibling group but the child didn't seem to care.  Actually worrisome in regards to attachment.  We have always taken sibling groups and I find that I don't like this split sibling thing. After Kassi turns 18 in June we will actually have one opening and I can broker that into two very easily to keep siblings together.

On another note.....Monday is our adoption.  Before we go to court the girls GAL who is appointed by our lawyer does a home visit and goes to court with his report.  Problem, we haven't heard from the GAL.  I called the lawyers office today and got to leave a voicemail.  I guess I will be calling that office tomorrow as well.....or visiting on the way to DSS.

It was a frustrating day.  I couldn't get anything accomplished because no one answers their phones anymore.  Arghhh

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