Friday, May 17, 2013

Rough Day

It was a rough day at our house.  Larissa and K both started the day off crying.  I kept Larissa home for the second time this week.  She was complaining of a headache.  A short conversation with her psychiatrist and we are going to discontinue her new medication and see how she does this weekend.  She has had two days this week with terrible headaches.  Lay on the couch and cry or sleep type of headaches.

K, she cried for her family all day.  I mean all day.  Off and on all day.  I have not had a little one who cried so much before.  She wanted me to tell her that she was going home and I wasn't willing to say that.  I will not lie to the kids even if they are 3 and crying.  It was so painful to watch her grief.  I hope that tomorrow goes better for her.

One bright spot was the early morning call from the GAL.  Apparently he forgot and got a reminder yesterday.  He called before I started making phone calls and came at 4pm to see the girls.  We are a go for Monday.

Social workers....not so much luck.  I started calling at 8:30 and left messages.  Never could reach K's social worker.  I did reach another worker that I have dealt with in the past on her cell phone.  I told her that K needs to be with her sister.  She said that at this time her sister is in the hospital with pneumonia.  I said that after she gets out they need to be together.  She said they didn't have a home.  Ugh, if they don't go home soon this separation can do some serious damage to K.  That brought up the subject of medication for the nebulizer.  Our call was breaking up so the SW told me that when she got back to the office she would call me.  She also said that she would see if she could schedule a visit with the mom since K was so upset.  Well, I guess she never got back to the office because I haven't heard from her yet and it is after midnight.

Now we head into the weekend and still no doctor, information or anything.  I have no idea where this case is heading and if any family has come forward.  Yes, frustrating.

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