Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another One

I just had a three year old brought to my house.  K came with a bag of stuff from DSS's stash and a nebulizer with no medication.  The social worker said that she would be back with her medication.  I asked what she needed it for and was told the nebulizer.  Uh, how often does she need to use it?  A little more information would have been nice.  I got a 3 minute briefing on the case and the social worker took off.

K walked into the house as though this was a normal thing.  No tears.  No reaction.

She chased the cat around for a few minutes, played with a few toys and then told me that she is going home tomorrow.

Sorry, I don't think that is going to happen.


  1. Oh boy - doesn't DSS have a duty of care to this child to make sure meds etc are documented and instructions provided to carers? You'd think they'd be leaving themselves open to a huge lawsuit if something went wrong.

  2. I'm praying for little K, and that she'll be able to soak up the love and security that she'll receive with you. Also praying for answers about her medical needs.

  3. My 2yo was rushed to the ER last weekend due to breathing trouble and after an overnight in the hospital, it was determined that he is asthmatic. Knowing so much more about it now than before, I am extra horrified that the social worker dropped a 3yo off with you without offering adequate information and medication. Unbelievable.

    Thank you for taking care of these children. Thank you for showing them the love that they all deserve. Thank you for offering them a chance that they might not have had if they had not lucked out and landed in your home.

    Side note: I cyberschooled my eldest son all of the way through 'til he graduated at 16yo. He is now a Freshman at the same college that I attend :-) If you have any questions about cyberschooling Larissa, I might be able to answer them.