Sunday, May 5, 2013

Got a, text this week

Thursday I received a text.............are you willing to take a 2 and/or 3 year old girl?

I responded with.......remember I have no openings.  We are full until the end of June when Kassi turns 18

DSS: nope, you still have the one exception so you can take one.

Me: sure, send one

DSS: which one?

Me: surprise me

They sent us the 2 year old.  Told us it would be short term until they could find her daddy.  I figured that they would on Friday.  In the meantime, she came in size 4T clothing and size 11/12 house shoes.  She is 2.  I went out and bought diapers, size 6 shoes and a light jacket.  Then I dug out the playpen and some clothing out of my garage.

We loved on her.  She was sweet as could be.  She walked into our house as though she belonged and never asked where her mommy was (actually kind of sad).

Friday afternoon I received the call that she was leaving to go with dad.  I expected this and told the kids so.  Still, the girls cried.  Then when DSS came to get her she cried.  She wouldn't go to the worker so I carried her to the car.  She held onto me.  She cried, the girls cried and the DSS worker promised them another girl as soon as possible and off they went.

Thus went our 24 hour placement.  Sweet loving baby and a daddy who wanted her. 


  1. Praise the Lord for a daddy who wanted her and a child that has a chance to grow and have a life!

  2. I agree, it is great when there is family who is able to parent the child. I find it sad when I have foster children who have no one come forward. Those are the ones we end up adopting because every child deserves a family.