Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Next Up....Dance

Today was picture day for Anthony and Larissa. Thursday Emma has picture day.

I have a few outfit changes I need to make.  Those blue bands do not belong on the elbow and I think I will take in the straps a little to raise the outfit up higher on her chest.

I have three kids in 6 different dances so I will not be buying all the pictures.  It doesn't fit into my budget.

Someone told me that they loved Larissa's hairpiece because it looked so natural.  Well, guess what, it is.  I didn't buy her a hairpiece but I need to try and find one for Emma.  Most of the dances call for hairpieces.  Last year Larissa had to have a bun in one dance and I couldn't make hair changes quickly so she has a hairpiece.  I have no idea where it has gone to, at one time I recall seeing it on the floor and thought it looked like a rodent.

Anthony and Larissa are in two dances together.  I saved some money by having their picture taken together.  I wondered later if Anthony would have wanted one with just him in it.

Three hours later all pictures were taken and some practices were done.  I never realized that there were only two girls in Larissa's ballet class.  It should be interesting.  There are no ballet pictures because I didn't think to take any.  Thursday will be a light day with only two dances for Emma.  Saturday will be a very long day with dress rehearsal all day and recital at night. 

Then I have a week to prepare for Disney World.  Actually I am doing some prep.  I have someone who is going to stay at the house while we are gone and another person to come in in the evening to change my mom because the paid house sitter is not able to do the changes.  Going on vacation is very complicated when you have a mom to manage and 10 kids coming along.  No spontaneity there at all.


  1. This is the first year we aren't in dance. Didn't miss the probably $3000 in class costs, costumes, shoes, tickets etc.

    Getting our Disney tickets today. Just three of us.

  2. I have 6 dancing this year. Next year I will just have 3 of the girls because the 3 boys have decided not to. Can't wait for that less complicated and expensive schedule!