Friday, May 17, 2013

Life Update

We did another Lowe's Build and Grow project. The kids really enjoy them and constantly nag frequently ask me when the next one is scheduled. 

All the kids have their own technique but I don't think that the "close your eyes and look away while pounding furiously" is the best technique out there.  However, I imagine a lot of folks use that technique.


June looks to be a fun month with Monster University projects.  They make a box at the end of June that looks real cool.
If you have a Lowe's nearby you should go check it out, it is free.
Larissa has developed a passion for Junie B. Jones books.  She reads them and then sits and tells me everything that Junie has done in the book.  Uh, sometimes I am not sure if it is the best series.  Many of the things that Junie does Larissa is apt to try or do.  The book about cutting hair hit a chord.  I hope that Larissa isn't studying them to get new ideas!

My dining room is coming along.  The painting is finished and I have a few more chairs to reupholster.  When I am finished I will post pictures.  However, I need ideas for my fireplace.  It is not too pretty looking.  Actually it is an eyesore but I can't decide what to do with it.  I am open to suggestions. (hint)

Anthony who is never sick decided that he wanted to add a new piece of equipment to our house by developing wheezing himself.  They sure make these nebulizers cuter than they were years ago.  Our doctors office told me that this style is very popular with the older ladies.

Looks like we will have an exciting weekend, K is sick with a fever and throwing up.  Nothing that warrants a doctor visit yet but a concern for me since we have an adoption on Monday and a Disney trip in two weeks.  I hope that everyone who decides to catch whatever she has times their sickness between the adoption and Disney.  I wonder if her sister is sick as well. 
Larissa is home today. She woke up crying so we forced her to stay home today. Yesterday she was great. I wonder if she is getting sick.  If she is then it won't be long before I get it, we are about to snuggle.
Today I have calls to make......
Please pray for us, we surely need it! 


  1. I'm praying for all of your today...for health for this important next few weeks!
    Put cool candles in the fireplace. I've seen that done before and it's a nice look. Or look up fireplace repurpose on pinterest. Cute ideas there. =)

  2. I just looked at the Lowe's schedule and of course they are all while we are out of town. Really cute projects though.

    I need to get to ITT for our Disney one-day passes. The lady wasn't in last time we went, and I don't get to base often.

  3. Check out my book give away.

  4. That nebulizer is adorable. My kids didn't have a cool one either :) If Larissa likes Junie B., she'll probably like Clementine as well. Clementine is a little older and gets into all sorts of weird situations, but she's a really good kid. I hope you can all stay as healthy as possible, prayers sent your way!