Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gotta Love the 3 Year Olds

Three year old question of the day while watching a show about starfish:  Why are there stars in the sky and in the ocean?

Last night was a rough night.  The little one cried for her sister, cried for her momma.  She normally sleeps with her mom.  That is not allowed in a foster home.  She wants to know where her sister is, why she isn't here.  I really don't like that they separate siblings.  We really need more foster homes.  I really feel that she needs to be in a home with her sister. 

I tried calling her worker today but can't reach anyone.  I want to know who her doctor is, if they have a medicaid card for her and why does the child say she needs breathing treatments and I have nothing for that.

I really don't know anything about this child except for what she tells me.  I don't know if she has any allergies or specific medical needs. 

She does not like to eat at the table.  At our house we eat at the table.  I can't imagine what my house would look like if everyone was running around with food.  We don't eat in front of the TV either unless it is popcorn for movie night.  She is just going to have to learn some new life skills. 

She cries if I leave the house.  Worries when I am not in her direct line of sight.  Doesn't like my food because it isn't what her mom makes.

All this is normal.  If she isn't moved she will slowly get used to the routine and flow of our home.

I wonder if she likes Mexican.....hmmmmm.  If she stays long enough she will, they all do.


  1. I always thought 2 or 3 was the worst age for foster care because they are old enough to miss mom or whoever. but too young to really understand why they're with you. I preferred newborns or school age. But that was also because I, like you, had no one else home during the day to help entertain a toddler or preschooler.

    1. We normally do siblings as well. Right now we don't have any openings so we shouldn't have any! Kids will be out for summer soon so that will help.

  2. This is the reason why I told my agency that I will only do sibling sets. Which is why we will be getting a sibling set of 3 in 1 week.