Sunday, May 26, 2013

Great Weekend

Friday night we headed to the high school to watch Kassi's end of dance class recital. No good pictures of her because they are hard to get at the high school.  Some of us got there early to get good seats for everyone ...

After getting back I organized the dance stuff for Anthony, Larissa and Emma's dress rehearsal and recital on Saturday at the same high school auditorium.

The kids had dress rehearsal from 10-2 and then recital at 7 pm.  We made time for some San Jose in between. Tasha had perfect timing and made it home in time for San Jose and make up preparations.

I can do hair but make up is best left to those who actually wear the stuff. 

The kids all did great.  More importantly they had a great time.  Larissa had a lot of costume changes since she was in 4 dances.  It was exhausting to get all those kids prepped for all their dances....according to Kassi.  I put her in charge of the kids while I watched the show!  It worked out great.

I wonder when Anthony will be taller than Sarah!

All my dancers want to do dance again next year.  Michelle wants to stick with soccer.  Larissa also wants to try out for the competitive dance team.  That is on June 18th, someone remind me!

Tasha and Sarah headed back to Charleston on Saturday night.  I am supposed to do a bedroom makeover for Sarah this week!  I went to her room and was instantly overwhelmed.  Thankfully I really love that pack rat of mine.  I spent all evening in the closet alone and haven't gotten very far.  No paint on walls yet.

In celebration of Memorial Day the girls wore outfits that Tasha bought for them while she was in Afghanistan.  I thought that they looked adorable, but I am a little biased.

Our foster child is doing better.  She has started to laugh and play.  Her sad periods are a lot less frequent.  However, she is still one of the most anxious children we have had as foster parents.  Our concern is that DSS is planning on moving her next week.  We thought that it was to a home with her sister but it doesn't sound like it.  I know that part of their decision is because we are going to Disney World.  However, I feel that she should go to respite and come back to our home unless she is moving with her sister.  I feel that she would respond well with a calender to mark down when we will be back.  She has requested that we get her a princess hat.  I will get on the phone on Tuesday and try to talk with them some more.  Unless another home opens for two kids we would like to get the other sister the end of June when Kassi turns 18 and we actually have a spot.  Please pray for that situation.

Our kids head back to school tomorrow.  no Memorial Day holiday here.  John will be home but I am heading back to the school where I student taught for their end of year celebration.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. No Memorial Day???? Wow. We've had schools skip Columbus Day/Native American Day (depending on where you live) and President's Day, but never the biggies.