Monday, May 2, 2011

That pool water is very cold....but it didn't stop the little ones from trying it out.

Anyone with an Intex pool out there? I need to figure out the filtering system. I am also looking for a safety ladder. I have found one that folds up and locks and a different style the has a cover on it, I can't decide which would be easier to secure. I know my kids well enough to know that if I leave the ladder in they will be up it. Actually, any ladder set up anywhere and they will be up it.

I have been trying to get myself organized for the summer. It feels strange to not have anything due for school....I feel a little adrift right now but I have many things to do.

In medical news, we got an appointment for Larissa to get an evaluation August. That was the earliest appointment available. We are on their call list if they have a cancellation. I also have an appointment for Sarah in July with the geneticist. A long neurofibromatosis story for another time.

In Joselin news....well, not so good. More lying on a regular basis. She took Sarah's phone from her bedroom and used it to text until I looked up the account, found the text phone numbers and called some of them. I realized that they were to/from Joselin's friends and suddenly the phone was found in a laundry basket (by Joselin). But she still denies that she ever had it. Even tonight Sarah lost her IPod (actually her dads because hers disappeared in the house) and we scrambled to find it because I had seen it on the island right before Joselin walked through. Suddenly it appeared but we must have been too quick because her facebook was still up on it. So, we live in a house with a person who is always on the lookout to take stuff. It is getting really, really old.

In foster child news.......the baby is finally walking. She just got up and started walking, little stinkpot, I think she has been capable of doing so for a while but liked being carried more. She is not a light little one either! Their court date is at the end of this month and the SW tells me that they are definitely going home. With her level of confidence I'd say that there is an 80% chance that they are going home. Just in case, she wrote down our cruise dates for respite care.

In fostering news....we have signed up for a 6 hour class in love and logic later in the month. Anyone hear of it and use it? We will get 6 hours of training hours for foster parent recertification and hopefully some new parenting ideas. We are always open to new ideas.

So, even though I feel like I am doing nothing, I am slowly getting things accomplished......even if it is looking for lost electronics.


  1. same iPod and phone issues here. comes from a strong sense of entitlement. now that he has a job maybe he will buy his own--after he pays me everything he owes me!

  2. Love and Logic is AWESOME!!! I recommend it for ALL parents period!

  3. Love and Logic is great! I love the books never been to classes. Meeting the chalange is my favoirte.

  4. WE liked the love and logic classes, dont use everything but we use what works for us.