Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Staying Busy

I have been keeping busy the last few days. I have too many projects and too little time.

I have a china cabinet that I am trying to redesign. However, I ran into a problem with my chop saw....I obviously need a new blade. That project got stopped in its tracks.

I am also attempting to wash and find all the babies items. I am filling a suitcase with matched, seasonal, fitting clothing items.

I seem to have a lot of laundry to sort through...and this isn't all. I have more upstairs washing and sitting in piles!

Then I noticed a problem in the play smelled like a wet dog. I don't do dog smell well. I had to go out and buy a little green machine and clean the couch. I probably should do it a second time (the water coming out of that machine was NASTY). I gave up on cleaning the area rugs when I found an area rug on clearance at Lowe's for $60. My SIL wants my other rugs.


I need to keep the dog off of the couch. She has gotten spoiled and thinks she belongs there. I think retraining is going to be a long process.


Do you think that this will help to keep her off?

If you come for a visit just take a toy off and have a seat. The couch now smells great!


John and I headed into town today with Anthony and Larissa. We got Larissa new tights for her dance recital and then went to an adoption open house. I had never been to an adoption open house. I was a little strange but very informative. They had pictures of kids available for adoption and the social workers were there to answer questions. Sadly many of the children would not fit into our home because they either needed to be the only child or the youngest. However, there was one girl.......well, we will see.

Tomorrow John and I have training and then Larissa has dance pictures. I need to figure out how I am going to put her hair into a bun. I think I will swing by Sally's on the way home from training.


So that is how life goes here. Many things to do and not much accomplished. Oh well, I just keep trying.


  1. Jasmine's hair has to be in a tight low bun. Bun, yes. Low-her hair's not long enough.

  2. Wow are we ever on the same wavelength!

    My daughter Jamie is five and has her dance recital on Sunday and I have to figure out the bun thing too.

    And our new dog wanted up on the couches but we taught him pretty quickly he isn't allowed.

    I also recently bought the green machine and am pretty pleased with the ease of its use and the lack of odor after it's use.