Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Saturday

Fencing....lots of it. (No, we didn't put it in ourselves)

So that we could put in one of those intex above ground pools. As a foster parent fencing is a requirement for any pool. So the cost of that inexpensive above ground pool was quite high!

I may not be able to move tomorrow after attempting to level the ground. I did reach a point where I didn't care if it was level or not.


I am not sure when this monster will be filled but Larissa was most impatient. (It is still filling now....hours later)

Anthony and Larissa are close to being able to swim. However, we didn't get to a pool often enough last year for them to become accomplished swimmers. I really like for my kids to be able to swim so hopefully this will do the trick.


Well, guess I'd better find a flashlight and go check on the pool. Night

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