Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Said No

I received a call from DSS asking if I could do respite care for the little 2 year old we had for the weekend a few weeks ago. She is "supposed" to go home on Friday.

I said no. Tomorrow John will be home and I hope to attend an adoption event. Then Thursday we have training and Larissa has her pictures for dance. Friday morning we plan on attending court for our two who may or may not be going home. If the respite doesn't go home on Friday then we have recital practice on Saturday and then dance on Sunday. Really not good timing to take on an extra 2 year old.
Of course, I then said BUT if you can't find anyone else call me and we will work something out. Ugh, I can't just say no! John thinks they will call back, I feel like they won't.


  1. Ha, a 2 year old can get into a lot of stuff real quick! They found a home so all is well.