Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have been busy around the house trying to maintain a semblance of order around here.....I don't think we will win.

The weeds just keep coming back, the laundry pile just keeps growing and as hard as we tried we can't get rid of the moles and voles (although the cats do catch some of the voles).  Some days I feel like I am going in circles.
I did take the two cribs apart night before last.  Guess who called me yesterday?  Yep, DSS.  I didn't check my messages on my cell phone until later and when I called back they had found another placement for the kids.  Yes, kids.  Two boys ages 5 months and 2 years old.  Guess it is a good thing I didn't get that call, we need a toddler break  My SW does have a sense of humor, she knew I took the two cribs apart the night before.  Who knows when the next call will come.  A lot of new homes will be licensed this summer and I am sure they will take priority in getting placements.
The last day of school was Friday.  If anyone is curious, Joselin is still here.  She did not take off as she had stated earlier.  Actually she stayed home last night and didn't take off with her friends until this evening.  She gave me a kiss as she was heading out the door.  She normally doesn't do that.

I spent two days straight doing laundry and now I have clean laundry everywhere.  Why is it I have no problem washing and drying the stuff but struggle to actually get it put away?  For some reason I really struggle with it.  Naturally I still have some of the baby laundry sitting around in piles and I guess I need to just store them away.  I sent home plenty of clothing.

I did see the babies this week when I met with their dad to give him their diapers and some other random items I found around the house.  They looked good.  I really hope that everything works out for them.  I do miss my chunky baby.

My project for the next few weeks is Larissa's bedroom.  She wants a pink and brown room for her castle bed.  I have a lot to do!  I'll post before pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow is church and then San Jose for lunch.  We are pretty regular unless someone is sick. 

Life is good.

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