Thursday, May 5, 2011

Momma Can Make It

Momma....that is what my kids call me when they either want something or they are being affectionate.

A few weeks ago I had two kids calling me momma.......can you make us something?

Jason was holding a bunch of beer boxes and Tasha had two shower curtains. They were going to a non-clothing party together and needed clothing made of other items.

Naturally they needed them right at that moment. Jason ended up with a vest and kilt made up of beer boxes and Tasha got a top and skirt made with her shower curtains. All put together with duck tape. (The kilt was a big hit by the way although Jason was skeptical at first. How do you make bottoms with cardboard?)

I have got to say that those outfits were the most unusual requests up to date. I have made many school and Halloween outfits. The kids just naturally expect that if they dream it up momma can make it. Some days I am challenged but I love it.

Today Anthony told me that he needs a green pepper outfit for tomorrows play. Yep, tomorrow. Green pepper! Anyone make a green pepper outfit out there? I asked him if his teacher had told him his vegetable was a green pepper or if he had chosen it himself. He said he picked it. I asked him why since it seemed like an odd vegetable to pick. He said that I put green peppers in my fajitas. Naturally, I should have known, one of his favorite dishes.

So, I made a second trip to Walmart today and bought two t-shirts, stuffing and brown felt. I purchased a grey shirt in his size and an adult mans shirt in green. My plan is to sew the green shirt to the grey shirt and put some of the stuffing in between to add some fluffiness. If anything he will look like a green blob. When I told him I was going to cut the sleeves off of the green shirt since green peppers don't have arms he immediately said that I could use the pieces for a hat. Funny, that was what I had planned. I knew last year that A in Anthony was for Artist.

Well, that outfit was from last year (another last minute creation). If you want to see the green pepper (aka. green blob) on Anthony you will have to wait until tomorrow. I guess I'd better go....I have a green pepper outfit to make.

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