Sunday, May 22, 2011


Does someone look a little excited about her recital?

Yes, more Larissa pictures in her dance costume, it is my blog and I can indulge if I want!

Larissa's I dunno look.

It was a good day for a recital. It gave me something to concentrate on besides the quiet in my house. Most of the family came. I told Joselin to stay home this weekend and to attend the recital. She didn't do either.

The recital went very well. Larissa was very excited and enjoyed going on the stage. I find it funny that a child who doesn't like to talk to others doesn't have a problem going in front of everyone and dancing. She did tap and ballet this year. She wants to do more next year. Anthony says he wants to do dance too.

Look at that goofy family....stare if you must.


  1. Beautiful dancer!

    Jasmine has jazz and tap. We do what works in our schedule. I'm having the twins attend dance camp this summer to see if it's something they'll stick to, because with the cost of shoes, tights and recital costume, I'm not signing anyone up that really doesn't want to do it.

  2. Dance sure can get expensive. John was with me when I bought new tights for the recital and he was shocked at the price - $26 for two pairs. Larissa does love the Build a Bear we bought for her with the tutu.