Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Child

Picture and practice today. I wonder how they will come out....Larissa was so serious until they said to smile then she would flash a huge grin.

She is such a sweetie. Such a loved and cherished child in our home.

Yet, if you were to see her on a photolisting would you turn away? All her DX's would scare off many. However, her DX's do not define who she is.

I spent my afternoon talking with an adoption social worker listening to another child's DX's. Some of her DX's would scare potential families away. Some of her DX's are already living in my home. How do you determine if the child behind those DX's would bloom within a family or tear it down? I know that both scenarios are possible. However, I also know that our family is strong enough that it wouldn't be torn apart. Because of our journeys we are very familiar with issues that others can't even begin to understand.


We have decided to do one more adoption. How safe should we be? Safety of our children is our top concern. Beyond that what do we look at? Medical visits, therapist visits, dealing with schools and IEP's.....they all come with the territory.


So, we move forward. We look at the child behind the DX's. We pray for guidance in our choices.


  1. Good. I would have to know that the others in the family felt they could bond and be a part of it. Sometimes who you feel you can part depends on the ages and triggers of your younger ones. I would be open to a boy between the twins and Jasmine's ages but since he wouldn't be the youngest, there would be certain things to watch out for.