Friday, August 23, 2013

What a mess of a yard

Two weeks ago we had some trees taken down in the yard. I had wanted this one next to the house gone for quite a while. These types of pine trees can snap and it was too close to my house for my comfort.

They took out 8 trees and left a nice messy yard full of ruts and holes where they ground down the stumps.

This week we had the well company back out.  After drilling down 860 feet we have water and a huge mess.

I would show you some nice pictures of my garden husband weed whacked the entire thing.  Imagine my surprise when I went out to weed and saw nothing.  My husband was standing next to me wondering why I was upset.  He had forgotten that I had put plants in that spot!  Guess it wasn't meant to be, I really didn't have time for it anyways.

Anyone enjoy yard work?  I could use some help.

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