Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Changes for my college bound kids.  Sarah decided at the last minute that she wanted to attend the local community college for another year.  So we quickly pulled her out of Coastal Carolina and back into the local community college.  I am happy to have her home but was hoping that she could have a positive experience while living on campus.  I guess that she just needs a little more time to fly the coup. 

In other college student news, Tasha is unable to attend college this semester.  She might not be able to do so this entire year.  About two years ago she moved back home.  She was planning on going to college at that time but received a call from the NC National Guard.  She was told that she was going to be deployed. 

Tasha maintained her SC drivers license, voting registration, and everything.  However, her unit put NC for her taxes.  She asked for it to be changed several times and the person responsible told her that they didn't know how to do it.  Well, because of that she can not claim SC as her state of residency.

On top of that, even though she returned in October, she did not move out of our house until February.  So they are not willing to claim her as a SC resident until February of 2014.  This means that she sacrificed a year of her life to deploy and now has to sacrifice another year of college because of that. 

I am so upset about this.  I believe that soldiers returning from deployment should be allowed some type of exception.  I don't even know of any way to fight this but I am researching.

If anyone has any ideas about this issues I am open to them.  She is dropping her classes tonight.

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  1. Crazy. But I am going through drama with Job Corps right now. They just called wanted Tyler moved to KY by Tuesday!!! As in, next Tuesday!!! When I said he needed more time she got very upset saying she would just have to tell them he's not ready for the program etc. AUGH. Really, wouldn't most kids need more than 5 days notice to drop everything, pack up and go???? Much less an asperger's child??