Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I spent my day waiting. 

I started my day at the VA with my husband.  He was getting shots in his neck for pain, yuck.  He had to have a designated driver.  That was me.

I brought him home and took Anthony and Larissa to the doctor for their ADHD medication check.  We waited over an hour there.  Must be a lot of kids getting back to school something because we normally don't wait long at our doctors.

Then I went to the Medicaid office with two kids in tow to get some paperwork on Emma and Michelle.  Hopefully we can get them covered on something pretty soon so I can get their ADHD meds.  We only have one birth certificate.  A spelling error on the other is delaying the other birth certificate.  We are waiting on the second birth certificate before we head to Ft. Jackson to put them both on Tricare.

Next we headed over to the Department of Health with WIC vouchers.  I needed the name changed over to me.  We had the pleasure of waiting there as well.

Then we came home and waited for the roofer.  He said he was coming today around 3.  At 4 he called to tell me that he thought he was at the wrong address.  He said he was at our address but at the next town over.  Funny, I didn't think that there was a similar address at the next town over.  Google and MapQuest couldn't find one either.  Either way he said he would put our city name in and come over.  By 6 he hadn't showed up so I gave up that and went to the pharmacy to wait on prescriptions.

So....pretty much my whole day was spent waiting.

Ever have those days?


  1. Those days are the most aggravating type! How frustrating!

  2. Ugh. You're brave to do it all the same day.

  3. Seems like you still got a lot accomplished..job well done!