Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I know I said that we weren't going to take in older children.  Well, I guess I have to eat those words.  Yesterday we received a call from DSS asking us to take a 13 year old girl.  I said that we were already over by one.  They begged and said it was just for the night, they would pick her up in the morning.  They needed a place to put her for the night until they could find a permanent foster home.

As usual I said yes.  After all, just one night.  That one night has now turned into a week.  But it should only be a week since they did find a foster home willing to take her.  They are on vacation until next Thursday.

I actually like this girl.  Michelle has followed her a little but isn't as obsessed as she has been with some other older folks.  I have banned Michelle from being upstairs unless it is bedtime.  This child is African American and I think that has made a difference with Michelle.  If we weren't full I wouldn't mind keeping her as a foster placement.  But, it isn't meant to be.

We had a visit from our adoption licensing worker last week.  We have to do the homestudy all over again.  For the fourth time I have to get letters of references.  I am not sure which of my friends would still be willing to vouch for my sanity.  I did receive a positive response on facebook so that should be covered.  I have some physicals to do and lots of paperwork.  I haven't even started. Honestly, I am conflicted.  They want us to stop taking foster children after our current kids leave.  They want us to maintain our foster license but keep our one opening open.  I understand why, if we wanted to accept an adoption placement we would have to have the foster placement moved. 

My problem is I find it hard to say no when a kid needs a safe place to land.  They call us now even though we are full. I know that when these kids leave they will try to fill that spot with another sibling group.  I am not sure how long I will be able to say no.  If we sit empty for long I know that I will cave in.  I wonder if we shouldn't just foster.  Ack, stress!


  1. you have hearts of gold ;-) and you are a true blessing to this world thank you for always having an open door.

  2. I want to move to SC. They are thinking a placement would come in that fast. In FL, they do not make any attempt to match you with a child when your study is done. You can request your file sent for a child but you will likely not hear back unless they are older or are in your county. From 2004-2011 we did not hear about one child!!! Then since 2011-2013 we have had four social workers in other counties ask for an update homestudy and our county refusing to update our 2008(!!!) homestudy. Our county does not update homestudies unless a case worker fills out a ton of forms requesting it. They are all so busy they do not want to bother with it. It's funny that other states try to immediately match you, but ours makes it almost impossible unless the child is in your own county. And we are in a county with mostly military or retired. There are four older children available in our county all with serious needs.

  3. I think it is so cool that you say yes. Seriously, if a kid needs a place to sleep aren't we fortunate to be able to offer a bed? I am sure your adventure is not over yet. :)