Thursday, August 22, 2013


Larissa to her dad: Is Sarah adopted?

Dad: No she isn't.

Larissa:  Well, when are we going to?

Ooops, forgot to explain that not all kids are adopted.  Some parents are able to parent their children.   I guess that is a strange concept in our home where there are 6 adopted kids and many foster children coming through the front door. 


  1. hahahaha! LOVE IT! I re-found the book "the family nobody wanted" which was very influential to me in my younger years; in it the kids are talking to a neighbor or someone who is expecting a baby. The kids ask if they are getting the baby from the airport or from the office. The neighbor kid says "my mom is having it in the hospital" "Oh, well I'm sure she'll love it anyway." was the response. :)