Monday, August 19, 2013

Foster Update

There isn't one.

Hmmmm, how so?  I haven't heard a word from a social worker or GAL in weeks.  I have no idea what the status of this case is.  The kids mom hasn't heard from anyone either so we met at McDonald's for the last visitation.  I tried calling everyone today and left messages with several workers, still no word.  I guess I will need to get in touch with mom and schedule another McDonald's visit.

Along with no word came no pay.  Apparently these kids aren't even in my house.  These kids have been in my home for about 6 weeks.  I called and left messages about the lack of a subsidy payment as well.  Haven't heard from anyone.  (Note to possible foster parents, be prepared to support your foster children for a while before you receive any subsidy.  In our state that subsidy is $332/month.)

Last month the kids worker told me that she was going to be out and that another worker would take over for visits.  That never happened.  I just don't know what to think.  I understand that our county is very understaffed but the last visit that DSS had was over a month ago.  If I thought that these parents were a threat I wouldn't be able to do visits at McDonald's.  The problem is I am not the one who is supposed to be doing the visits.

To other foster parents out there, are you having worker shortage problems in your area?  Do you monitor visits?


  1. There are shortages here, but since we are involved in such a high profile case we don't see that. Your payment rates are crazy low! I don't supervise visits, but the foster home where I work does. So it's pretty much case by case. I have had great workers so far, of course I know that won't last.

  2. wow....has the state lost track of where these kids are?!?

    i see our worker about once every 2 months. the subsidy in our state is $529