Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Language Arts Suggestions....

Well, I have decided that I am going to withdraw from this program as soon as I get my own in place.  Here is SC you have to join a homeschoolers association if you aren't doing their virtual school.  So I need to do that and find a curriculum. 

I got lots of math options and am looking at them now.  So suggestions for a language arts program?  Average reader, loves the Junie B. Jones series.


  1. I can't really help you there. I have special training in the Spalding program. It's excellent, but difficult to tackle if you haven't been trained in it. I'm using it with Kate.

  2. I've done several, but mostly, I split up language arts into spelling, grammar, and literature, because the whole packages seem a lot drier and not quite as good a fit for my kids. We love Spelling Workout (I just get the student book, not the teacher, because it is very self-explanatory), Growing with Grammar, and Learning Language Arts Through Literature. I also use reading lists for the various grade levels and get books from the library to expand their reading. I especially like the reading lists from Sonlight Curriculum. That curriculum is expensive, but I like to take their reading lists and reserve the books from the library, rather than buy their material. If money were no object, I'd vote highly for Sonlight. But, that isn't the case for our house, anyway! Let us all know what you choose!