Sunday, April 3, 2011

For my Texas friends. . Beautiful weather here in South Carolina this weekend. We spent a lot of time outdoors.

There is a bee in the picture below. I was enjoying playing with my camera. I haven't really had much time to learn all that it can do. All the flower pictures are natural, I did not do any altering of their color.

First set of roller blades.

I was actually a little concerned that Anthony would not be willing to learn to roller blade. Normally he would not be willing to fall. The picture below shows a lot of growth on his part. There was a time that such a fall would have sent him into a major fit.

We had a great weekend. I didn't get any studying done but I will as soon as I post this. I need to, the semester is getting short.


On Friday we were supposed to have a visit from the adoption social worker. However, she didn't show. Typical.


We did get to our passport appointment on Friday and applied for passports for the four youngest kids. Hopefully all is in order and we get them soon. Our summer vacation plans have changed because of the issues going on in the world. We are now going to take a cruise, our first cruise. We will leave out of Tampa, anyone have any suggestions with what to do in Tampa for a day?


  1. Where were you going to go originally? Is J going?

  2. Originally we were going to Europe. But with gas the way it is tickets are just way to expensive for our tastes. Besides, if John can't get home we may try for a job overseas anyways.

    Jo isn't going. She didn't want to go to Europe and doesn't do vacations well. She typically pouts through them unless we are taking pictures (although I have quite a few pouting pictures as well). I have never figured out why she is so miserable on vacations. Even a small trip to the beach is full of misery for her. I applied for her a passport anyways.