Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 3

I am thankful that my gazebo is still standing! Two weeks ago it was pummelled with huge hail. Our cars didn't fare as well as the gazebo, they are a little dented.
Then we noticed a dead tree in the pine grove surrounding the gazebo. Actually, Cindy noticed it. I typically don't look up!

We have been watching another damaged tree and decided that it should go too. Our tree man from Mike's Tree Service came out and said that yet another tree should go. So in all, three trees needed to be cut down. Two of them right next to our canvas gazebo.

They came out yesterday for the estimate and came out today to do the job. No need to get other estimates when you need someone who can put down a tree where they want it to go. (We lost a swing set to a different tree company).

It is so interesting watching a tree drop. In some ways it is sad to me, the trees have been growing for a long time. But it is also something so powerful, the ground vibrates when they fall.

Notice how close the trees were to the gazebo.

A few feet away and no damage. They did a great job for us again. I really like Mike but don't want to see him again too soon! We have a lot of pine trees left in that grove.

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