Thursday, April 7, 2011


In our state they have a foster parent conference. It is really nice. They pay for the hotel, feed you and give you an opportunity to acquire a lot of training hours. Great. . Only problem....they don't offer child care. Hmmmm, what exactly do foster parents do? I am pretty sure it involves lots of kids. Since we have a house full we didn't even try to go this year. The only year we went was when David Pelzer, the author of "A Child Called It", was the speaker. He was definitely interesting! . Since we weren't going we got a call yesterday asking if we could do respite for a 2 year old girl for a few days. I said yes since my house is already in chaos, one child wouldn't make much of a difference. Also, if I wasn't going I might as well help someone else out so that they could go. . So, we have an extra little one until Saturday. She is a cute as a button. . It would have been nice if they would have warned me that she could climb out of the crib! . Well, I am off to see if the little one has escaped again. (excuse the spacing, this seems to be a big issue lately)

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  1. We had that problem too. Once my mom came so Rick and I could both go, once a couple different families took our kids and a couple times I ended up going without Rick and he had to get his hours a different way. Ours was at Jekyll Isalnd.