Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 9 (kind of)

Well, I missed posting yesterday. But, I have a good excuse....school.

Being the procrastinator that I am I had to wait until the very last minute to start on some major projects. Actually, I have been working on them all semester but I had to put all the information down in APA format. Between yesterday (late last night) and this morning I finished my last two projects. I drove them to Columbia today and got them in on time. One was due today and the other tomorrow, I didn't want to drive into town twice.
I have learned so much this semester and have really enjoyed my classes. However, I am SO thankful that I am done with this semester! Thankful, thankful....even Sarah is thankful (my babysitter!)
Taking four classes was insane. It would have been a little less stressful if the foster babies had gone home in December but I know how that goes. It might have even been better if my dear husband had been home. Perhaps it was the stress of a kid going bipolar that put me over the edge. Better yet it might have been the teenager that did it.
Either way, it seemed like everything was conspiring against me this semester. So much that I am not taking the summer classes that I really should be taking. I hope that this doesn't cause a delay in completing my degree. It is hard to tell because you don't know when they will offer the classes. Not all classes are offered every semester and some are only offered in the summer. Next summer I will have to take a class because it is only offered in the summer.
So, I am taking the summer off. I have a feeling that it will go very fast since I have a lot of projects that need finishing and some books that I need to read. But, first I REALLY need to clean off my desk and the house has been neglected.

I think I am going to go and check on my farms.....

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