Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 7

Today we spent part of our afternoon at McDonald's. We didn't go there for the great food. We went there to meet with the biological father of our two foster children. Honestly, we don't do this for the dad. We do this for the little ones.
Let me tell you, it is painful. I handed him the baby and she started crying. Big tears rolled down her face and she put her arms up, reaching for me. She doesn't know who he is. She doesn't realize that he is her daddy. She only gets to visit him 2 hours a month, she spends more time in the church nursery.
I had to look the other way. I had to back away. She needs to get to know him while I am at a distance smiling at her, trying to let her know it is OK.
How is she going to do when she goes home? I know she will be looking for me because she thinks I am momma. She calls me momma. She looks for me and comes to me, she trusts me. What happens to that trust when I am suddenly no longer there. Ugh, some days foster care just sucks.
Thankfully the older child does recognize him and goes willingly to him. I don't think that I could take two babies reaching for me with tears rolling down their cheeks.

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  1. how is she doing now? that must have been so heartbreaking to watch