Friday, April 29, 2011

Things Change Quickly

Last week Jason finally got a job as a security guard. This week he went to training so he could start. He was supposed to start today at Lowe's. Yesterday he came by with his pants....unhemmed. He said he needed them by tonight. A few hours later he called and said he needed them ASAP. He was called and was asked if he wanted to go to Alabama to work. He was so excited, he said he was going to help people.
So, I hemmed his pants, ironed his shirt for him and handed him a few bucks. He is in Alabama tonight and starts work in a few hours. He will be working 12 hours shifts. They told him they would be there for 3 days. After seeing pictures of the devastation I imagine it will be longer.
I wonder what he will see. I hope that he will be safe. He is a grown man but I still think of him as my little boy.....when does that stop?
Tonight I will pray for the people of Alabama. I will also pray for my son.

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