Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 6

Our church put out on facebook that they were giving away this swingset to whoever wanted to cart it off. I have been looking for some swings to put in the yard for the kids. Free is great......even if it comes with a little labor. I am always thankful for a freebie!

I am also thankful for the son who came and helped me put it together. We had a 40% chance of rain today so naturally it rained all morning and it actually seemed cold.

Yes, Larissa is in her 4pm. If you were able to see her face you would also see chocolate pudding and in her hair there is sawdust. She and Anthony found the sawdust from the tree cutters and said that they were celebrating Fiesta!

Tomorrow we will take apart the large swingset. John is home so he gets to get involved, I'm not sure if he is happy about that or not!

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