Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Friends. It seems like these days a true friend is hard to find. Someone who doesn't question your parenting, believes that you are making the best decisions you can, listens when you are frustrated and brain storms with you when asked.

I have many friends online who are living with some of the challenges that we have.  They understand and are great for listening and offering advise. I hope to have the opportunity to meet all of them one day.  I am working on it!

However, it is good to have a friend who is close, who you can socialize with. I have one local friend. Yes, one.  Really, that is all that I have time for.  Our families meet at our house most Sundays after church and share a meal.  We get together for holidays and just about any other time we can. We share our lives. Angela has been in our lives about as long as Benjamin has. Really not a long friendship but it is a deep one nevertheless.  We love each others kids and I know that my kids love her. She is the closest thing to an aunt that they will ever have.

Angela gave me a break on Monday.  She took my kids to the zoo.  That is a big deal for me. Although some of the kids go to school, Benjamin does not.  It is impossible to get anything accomplished with him running around.  He no longer takes naps!

So while the kids were enjoying the zoo I got all of my Christmas stuff packed up and the floors mopped. Michelle stayed home with me and worked on her room and laundry. Sometimes she does not do well with other adults, her respect issues flare up. 

I have moved frequently my entire life. I don't have relationships with any childhood friends. I do maintain some friendships I made as an adult from our various moves. However, none of them are local. I guess that is a result of military moves.

Anyone have close friendships with childhood friends? Anyone struggle to find good friends?


  1. I have a few best friends, but they live in California, Tennessee, and Arkansas. I have some really nice friends here, but none are best friends. When we move away from Florida, I will keep in touch with them, but I won't be coming back to surprise any of them for their birthdays. I am not close friends with any of my childhood friends, but I do maintain a friendly relationship with several of them, thanks mainly to Facebook. My best friend from childhood is now my sister-in-law (I married her older brother), but we're not close. Our lives have taken two very different paths.

  2. I don't have childhood friend, we also moved a lot. I went to 5 different high schools alone. It's hard to maintain friendships sometimes with the kids we have its hard for other people to understand all that despite all that is involved actually they are just kids too

  3. I have always lived in the same small town in SC yet I still don't have any close friendships that have lasted. The closest thing we have is my husband's cousin and her husband will spend time with us occasionally. Love the zoo pictures though, my three year old loves Riverbanks!

  4. My long time friends are in Elkhart and most do not understand the issues.

    Your zoo looks fun. We need to stop by sometime but you will probably be heading to NC about the time we'd be going through.