Saturday, December 5, 2015


There is no good time for a mom to get sick, especially when dad is away.

I started to feel bad earlier in the week but chose to ignore it. However, by Friday I was sure that I had coughed up a lung. Good thing I have two. I have been using every type of medicine to get better: over the counter meds, essential oils and even honey. I got a nice break today when Tasha came by to take the kids to the park. They were going stir crazy because I haven't been allowing them to go out back or out front since I wasn't able to watch them like I usually do. Tomorrow my moms caregiver plans on coming and taking them out so I can go shopping. I am so grateful for the help. I am definitely feeling better and I think that by Monday I will be back on top of things which is a good thing because I am planning a small road trip.

Jason has been hanging around a lot (he does not do diaper duty) and took all our trash to the dump today. He also ran and got me Sprite yesterday. It is nice having another adult around, even if it is just to have someone to talk with.

We are taking it easy on Christmas decorating this year. I purchased some inexpensive plastic and stuffed ornaments instead of unpacking all of our ornaments. I have a second ornament plucker who comes around occasionally......

I feel as though this year we have really cut back.  Actually every year I seem to cut back some as we determine what is really important to us.  We enjoy cooking and crafts.  We have a crafting party planned and are making many different types of sweets. I am not even sure if the front lights will get put up.  I have been looking at cheating and getting one of those lights that projects lighting on the house.  Everywhere I look they are sold out so they must be popular.

How is everyone else with their Christmas decor? Are you doing more, less or about the same this year?


  1. My almost-16-year-old is King of decorations at our house. Every year, out comes Cosmo (so sorry we have three ladders and each has its own name, I hate too-tall Larry) and my youngest jumps up to get the lights hung everywhere inside. We began a tradition last year of going to a tree farm, and he helps set that up, lights and ornaments. His 19-year-old sister can't keep up with him and often misses out on hanging ornaments because we blink at our hyper fellow and it's done. We have so many comments of how beautiful it is and it is nice for my son to hear. We do not have outdoor electricity so unfortunately we do not decorate the outside. Interestingly, I have waxed and waned with the decorations of life. Used to go all out, then went a long time while the last two were growing up where I did minimal. Kind of heading back into the all out again as they are growing and helping.

  2. I feel like decorations are nice so long as they are not stressful. We put up our tree every year and I like something on my front door for when I drive up. For a week our tree has only had lights on it! We will see if we get to it. My 10 year old dances in the Nutcracker. That keeps us hopping this time of year. A family friend gave us really beautiful cross stitch stockings for each of our children. Those go up every year. I'd rather spend time baking cookies with my girls than decorating - so that is where we spend our holiday preparation time.

  3. oh - and I hope you feel better soon. It is so hard to be mom and be sick!!!

  4. Being a mom and sick is the worst!!!
    I have minimal Christmas decorations as it is. The kids have a tree and I have a tree. I have my Willow Tree nativity and two nativities from my childhood. I have a few other small decorations the kids have made over the years, a few garlands, and my grandparents' camels that they got in Bethlehem. That's it. This year we got Rylie a small tree with unbreakable ornaments. Amazingly enough, she has not touched either of the big trees! She is into EVERYTHING else in the house, so I can't figure out why she isn't messing with the trees. Matt loves to put lights up outside, so he did a bunch of outside lights.

  5. I want to come for the crafting party! I am definitely craft challenged.