Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sick Boy, Tired Mom

Last Friday my boy developed a fever. Since our family has a history of kids getting sick on the weekend I decided to take him in.

He said to me, "I sick". I have seen his vocabulary really grow in the last few weeks.

Sick or not he realized that he could open the door to escape.

Waving good-bye

Haha, he opened the door and was caught by the doctor. He teased him and told him he couldn't leave yet.

The face of a boy who just got caught.

He tested positive for strep so I was glad that I took him in. Now I wait to see who else comes down with it. Sarah went back to school yesterday and is worried that she will get it during finals. My husband left for training on Sunday so I am running the roost alone. I sure miss having a back-up! I don't know how single parents manage a job, home and family.  I am exhausted. A sick Benjamin means that I don't get much else accomplished.

Yesterday I was thinking that I was going to have to take him back in since he was still running a fever and not eating well but thankfully today he is fever free.  Whinny and needy but fever free.


  1. Meghan and Lexi had strep last week. I kept waiting for everyone else--especially Rylie--to get it. But so far, so good. The last kid got sick 6 days ago, so I'm hoping we're in the clear.

  2. Hope he's better soon and no one else gets it.