Thursday, December 17, 2015


Tasha and I planned our Santa trip for today. We searched around for a Santa and the city of Columbia is packed with Santa's that charge $34 for a picture package.  A few pictures of the same photo. That wasn't working for us since I wanted more than one picture.

We found a Santa in a small mall that didn't have a photographer. You are encouraged to bring your camera and take as many pictures as you'd like.

When we got there the place was empty.  Santa took the time to talk with each kid except for Anthony.  He said he was too old.

After talking with the girls Santa held his arms up and asked for the baby.

Found out that this Santa has three red headed grandsons; eight children, 6 of them adopted.

Anthony was willing to get into the group picture.

Some families started to show up and so did Tasha and Vaida.

After visiting Santa we went to Schlotzsky's and Baskin Robbins for some Jamoca Almond Fudge.

On the way home we talked about Santa.  In our home Santa never dies, he evolves. Santa is the spirit of giving. The Santa the kids met today was real.  He was giving of himself and very kind. There are many Santa's, the world needs many Santa's. As the kids get older they get to play the role of Santa and become the giver.  Giving is so much more fun than receiving.

About the Easter Bunny, uh no. The Easter Bunny is in no way real, seriously a big bunny producing eggs. It is a person dressed in an outfit.

So I am curious, who else does Santa in their home? Easter Bunny?


  1. What a wonderful Santa! One of the resorts in town has a fantastic Santa, and they let you bring your own camera. It has become our favorite place to go for the season. Both of my boys still believe in Santa (at least they haven't told me otherwise, they are 6 & 9), but when they do ask, I'll let them know that there isn't one person that flies around the world, but everyone who knows the secret becomes the spirit of Santa. The Easter Bunny comes to our house, but he just hides the eggs that we make, and fills their Easter baskets with candy.

  2. The picture of Santa with still my heart! Make an ornament out of that for sure! In our home, Santa isn't a person, he's an idea. Santa is looking at the needs of others and giving of yourself. Each year we read about Saint Nicholas and learn about his wonderful story. Love it! And Easter Bunny. Dumb bunny.