Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was very low keyed. Our internet, TV and phone service went out which made us seem isolated.  Funny how you get used to instant communications.

The weather here is actually quite warm so the kids spent most of the day out playing. However, 
Sarah was upset because we couldn't watch Christmas movies in the evening. I insisted that we didn't allow the lack of electronics ruin our day.

We popped our string balls.  We probably should have waited another day, they were kind of wet on the inside. They shrunk up when the balloon deflated but did puff back up.  They finished drying and are stiffer than they look in the pictures.

Then we put on some Christmas music and got busy with baking cookies. The kids were in charge of the chocolate chip cookies.

They did a good job with no fighting.  Trying to take turns with baking can be a challenge!

Benjamin helped with the eating! After the cookies were done the kids left out Santa's share.

Kassi and Blake showed up to spend the night and the kids spent some time with them before heading up to bed.

After the kids were in bed we got the rest of the gifts out to wrap or put together. Sarah test drove some toys.

The stockings got stuffed. It takes a lot of candy, socks, small toys to fill those stockings.

We relaxed and watched Nightmare Before Christmas on the DVD player (haha, the only Christmas related DVD we could find). I went to bed knowing that the kids would be up far too soon.  I always stay up way too late, every year.  It is a tradition I guess.

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