Monday, December 21, 2015

How We Made our Alcohol Ink Ornaments

For the ink color to pop on these ornaments the ornament needs to be white. I found some white ornaments but not enough so I purchased some clear ones at Michaels and coated the inside with white craft paint. These take a while to dry.  I painted them the day before our party and they were still wet. We inked them anyways, just got our fingers painted white when we stuck them inside to hold the ornament.

The ink is applied to a piece of felt. Michaels sells an applicator but I had limited funds so we made our own.  We used the rough side of some velcro and stabled it to fit on our fingers.

The felt stuck to the velcro well and could be pulled off to be reused.

White felt works best so you can see where your ink colors go.

I bought the alcohol ink at Michaels in the paper section. It is kind of expensive, about $10 for a set of three.  I used my 40% off coupon and had Sarah along to use hers too. I will say that a little of this ink goes a long way.  After our party and many ornaments the ink level was down about 1/2 of an inch.

Dab two colors of ink onto your felt and remember the pattern for reloading. A darker and lighter color worked best. We did have some people try three colors. Play with it and have fun, they will all come out different.

Start dabbing the ornament. The more you work it the more the colors blend. The ink dries very fast.

This one was originally done with pink and yellow with some white spaces showing. The blue was then added.

This idea is not my own, I found several sites with instructions, I modified them and made it our own way.  Have fun and a word of caution, it is addictive!

I will have to make a fairy today to make those directions. I don't have the steps photographed.

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